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Transformation Strategies
A Management Consulting Firm Serving the Nonprofit Community

Committed to Assisting Nonprofits In Maximizing Mission Impact

Why We Are Different

What makes Transformation Strategies distinctive (from nonprofit trainers and facilitators) is that we are a management consulting firm and our President is a management consultant with an MBA in management. We do pride ourselves on our facilitation skills and training expertise, we are nonetheless first and foremost a management consulting firm.

We approach our engagements from a management perspective and look at the nonprofit from a big picture standpoint. For example, when we look at boards we don’t just blindly suggest that the need for a board governance program or a board development program. Rather, we analyze the board from different perspectives utilizing diagnostic tools; we identify problems and make suggestions on how to approve performance. This requires that we look at the board from wider perspectives, such as: organizational behavior, leadership development, board structure (formal and informal), organizational development, governance and others.

Additionally, we use models that have stood the test of time and also models that we have developed ourselves based our expertise and experience working with nonprofits. For example, we have developed one model (our Board Performance Diagnostics Tool) for diagnosing board performance that looks at board performance based on three components and utilizes traditional management consulting perspectives. If you would like a copy of this model to conduct your own preliminary analysis of your board’s performance please feel free to contact us.

Our Services

Transformation Strategies provides professional consulting services to nonprofit organizations in several primary areas that are key to the success to the nonprofit. These areas are:

· Organizational Assessments
· Board Performance
· The Relationship between the Board and the ED and Staff
· Strategic Planning
· Capacity Building
· Succession Planning
· Branding
· Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise
· Fundraising

The services we provide in each of these areas is built around a very basic premise and that is that "one size fits all" does not work. Every organization is different and that is why the organizational assessment is so important in determining what services are needed and how those services should be delivered.

We tailor our services to fit our client and we do not take a book off the shelf that says "capacity building" and then apply it to your organization. By conducting an organizational assessment, we may determine that this "capacity building" is not your real problem or that it is only part of your problem. This is the value we bring to your organization.

Courtesy/Free Services

Educating and informing those who serve the nonprofit community is a very important component to what we offer. Therefore, we are always willing to visit with Boards and staff and conduct information sessions on the areas where we offer our services. For example, if you want to have a better understanding of the different way on how branding can benefit your nonprofit organization, we would be very interested in offering a free information session. If you want to learn about what strategic planning is and what it is not, we can help out with that as well.

Please review the Transformation Strategies website to learn more about our philosophy and each of our primary areas of consulting services.

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